Definition of Real Estate

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Maybe some of you still wonder, what is the definition of real estate. Well, real estate is derived from English with the exact same words, which is also a word that was originally from Spanish. REAL = royal = kingdom and ESTATE = ground ( farm/ garden ). So it can be described as an area of land that controlled by the king, nobleman or a landlord ( land owner in feudal in the mid-century) or a land that controlled by conglomerates, the rich people and common people in generally, even though in small portion (in industrial age and information age this time).

According to Wikipedia, real estate is a land that contains with soil and a property on top of it. Also with natural resources like water, minerals, plants, or any things that can not move.
Real estate also defined as a complex of buildings that have a landscape (land and environment such as parks, roads, and waterways) with dominant composition. A simple example of it is, when we refer to real estate, then people attention or thought would be immediately drawn to a particular district. A district that has a beautiful view and also comfortable to live in.
So the conclusion is, real estate is a plot of land, the environment with a building or property built on it.

Once we understand the definition of real estate, we can learn the business processes in the real estate business so that we can use our knowledge to do a real estate business. That knowledge also can help us to buy or sell our property with bigger profit.

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