€ 30000 loan: best financing in 10 years (120 installments) or 20 years, calculates online payment


We see all the financing options for those looking for a € 30,000 loan. The best financing with repayment in 10 years or even in 20 years to fix a light monthly repayment installment. Finally, how to perform an online simulation with calculation of the installment and interest.

How to apply for a fast and convenient 30,000 euro loan

If you are looking for a € 30,000 loan, there are several financing solutions that are right for you. According to your needs you can in fact choose between a personal loan and a mortgage, which can be for restructuring or subrogation of another loan previously received. In order to receive a sum of money equal to € 30000, it is obvious that special requirements are required, without which credit institutions are not willing to offer their money on loan. These are defined in their own regulation by the various banks, therefore some constraints may slightly vary depending on the bank to which we address. In any case, there are guarantees that are required by all companies, as they represent the minimum requirements that can ensure the bank regarding our reliability and our ability to deal with each month the repayment installments agreed. The amount of each monthly payment can be chosen by the customer at the time of the request for funding, and obviously will depend on the duration to be fixed. The greater the number of months in which the reimbursement is to be completed and the less we will have to face each month for reimbursement. Considering a loan of 30 thousand euros, to fix light installments it may be useful to choose a rather high duration, such as 120 months (10 years) or even 240 months (20 years).

So who are the € 30000 funding for? First of all those who are resident in Italy, are adults and do not have an age above a certain threshold that is usually set at 75 or 80 years. These are the first basic requirements without which it will not be possible to submit the € 30000 loan request. So from this point of view they are not particularly restrictive, however the guarantees that constitute the main problem for all those who are interested in receiving a personal loan or a mortgage are the economic guarantees. The bank that makes a loan takes a risk because it anticipates a certain amount of money, which in the case of loans of € 30000 is not even particularly low. For this reason it will be important to provide the companies with adequate guarantees if we want to prevent our request for funding from being refused and to find ourselves relinquishing the project we intend to make or the purchase we want to make.

The best economic guarantee that can be given to a credit institution is surely the paycheck. This is the great advantage that employees have over other categories of customers. Those who can assure the company a fixed salary for each month will receive the desired 30,000 euros even without further guarantees. Very often in this case we talk about the assignment of the fifth salary. This type of financing is among the most requested as it offers the possibility to complete the repayment through fixed and light installments. The name of the product indicates the main feature of the loan, namely that each installment will be at most equal to one fifth of the net salary received and will automatically be withheld by the bank. The same type of loan of € 30000 can also be requested by pensioners, who are yes without a paycheck but who instead receive a pension that in this sense offers the same guarantees to the bank. Among the lending solutions offered by the main lending institutions we find the transfer of the fifth of the pension, which has characteristics very similar to the one we have just described but which has a further constraint: the pension received, net of the repayment installment set, can not fall below the threshold of the minimum pension, equal to € 501.89.

Another category of customers who even without a paycheck will have access to loans of € 30,000 are self-employed. As always, also in this case the bank that provides the loan will claim economic guarantees. In this case, the income document to be submitted will be the Unique Model of the tax return, from which the company will be able to get an idea of ​​the customer’s earnings and consequently will make its own assessments regarding the maximum rate that can be addressed. Is it possible to receive a 30,000 euro loan if you are unemployed? In this case, receiving a positive answer to our application for funding will not be particularly simple, but in some cases it is possible. The solution to compensate for the lack of economic guarantees is the presentation of a guarantor. The typical example that is done in these cases is that of the young student who intends to carry out a project for which he needs an amount equal to 30,000 euros. In the event that a parent is an employee, this may be the guarantor for their child. So the latter will have to go to the branch with his son to apply for funding, bringing with him the latest paychecks. On the basis of the contract that will be stipulated, the guarantor will undertake to assume all the installments not paid by the beneficiary of the loan.

Free online loan estimate € 30000 Ultranix for up to 10 years (120 installments)

One of the best credit institutions to which we can apply for a € 30,000 loan is Ultranix. One of the main features that have made Agos personal loans particularly attractive and in demand is flexibility. At the time of the request we will have the opportunity to choose the duration of our loan from 30,000 euros from a minimum of 12 months up to even 120 months. Precisely this can be a determining factor for the choice of the company to which we can rely. So if what you are looking for is a loan with installments that are as light as possible, the personal loan Agos is the only one that offers you the possibility to choose a duration equal to 10 years. Obviously, as always, this choice has positive consequences, but also some negative ones. If on the one hand we can fix a light repayment installment, on the other we must consider the fact that a ten-year repayment has a non-negligible cost related to interest. So let’s see what are the characteristics of the Agos loans of 30,000 euros, with the repayment installment and interest rates for each of the durations that we can choose.

12 months 2,637.70 euros 6.91 10.76
24 months 1,364.20 euros 6.91 9.11
36 months 940.40 euros 6.91 8.53
48 months 729.00 euros 6.91 8.24
60 months € 602.50 6.90 8.05
72 months € 518.60 6.91 7.94
84 months € 458.90 6.91 7.85
96 months € 414.40 6.91 7.78
108 months € 379.90 6.90 7.73
120 months € 352.60 6.91 7.69

So if you are interested in applying for a loan of € 30000 by contacting Agos, the table above will allow you to get an immediate idea even without using the simulator available on the company’s website. As you can see, choosing a refund in 10 years the amount that we will pay each month is equal to 352.60 euros. For this reason it is undoubtedly an appealing solution, as it will allow you to face the monthly installments in complete serenity. Interest rates are Tan 6.91% and Taeg 7.69%, with the latter being the lowest among those proposed. As we have already said, if the fundamental requirement of your € 30000 loan is to provide a monthly installment that does not over-modify the budget available to you, then the solution for you is the ten-year loan. The table can however be useful for evaluating solutions with a lower number of installments, considering the expected repayment rate and of course your monthly income.

In this sense, a simple calculation that is usually recommended to identify the ideal duration is that foreseen for the assignment of the fifth. This criterion defines the maximum rate that can be faced each month as a fifth of the salary or net pension received. If you are a salaried or retired worker, it is sufficient to divide your income (net of the various deductions) by five. The result will be precisely your maximum payment. For example, the case of an employee who receives a monthly salary of 2,000 euros can be considered. In this case 2,000 / 5 = 400 euros, so to complete the repayment in complete freedom you can choose an installment close to this amount. Among the solutions in the table, in this case the one that can be recommended is the option with reimbursement in 96 months. In this case, in fact, the monthly repayment installment will be 414.40 euros, with Tan 6.91% and Taeg 7.78%.

Personal loan of € 30000 Astrofinance: estimate with installment calculation

One of the main companies that can be contacted to receive a € 30,000 loan is Astrofinance. The type of financing proposed is that of the personal loan, which can be requested either by setting an appointment at the branch or online. Before proceeding with the request, as always the best thing to do is to make a calculation of the installment and the interest that we are going to pay. On the Astrofinance website it is possible to simulate a 30 thousand euro loan in a few simple clicks. In fact, just enter the amount in the space provided and specify the project we intend to make with the money that we will borrow, choosing from the appropriate drop-down menu. For example we can select the purchase of a new or used car, the purchase of household appliances or furniture for the home, or the restructuring of the same. In short, the projects to be carried out with 30,000 euros are very many, so we just have to identify the ideal duration and proceed with the request. For this purpose, we have listed in the following table all the loan options offered by Astrofinance, with the related repayment installments and applied Tan and Taeg interest rates.

24 months € 1,352.80 7.70 7.98
30 months € 1,102.80 7.70 7.98
36 months 936.00 euros 7.70 7.98
42 months € 817.20 7.70 7.98
48 months 728.20 euros 7.70 7.97
54 months 659.20 euros 7.70 7.98
60 months € 604.00 7.70 7.97
66 months 559.10 euros 7.70 7.98
72 months € 521.70 7.70 7.98
78 months € 490.10 7.70 7.97
84 months € 463.20 7.70 7.98
96 months € 419.60 7.70 7.98

With the Astrofinance personal loan we will have the possibility to choose the duration from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 96 months. The maximum duration in this case does not come to 10 years, however, according to the treatment offered, we can recommend this product if you need 30,000 euros because you can still set monthly repayment installments rather than reach. Furthermore, as we have already said when possible, it is advisable to choose a duration that is not too high in order to save on interest. Observing the applied rates it may seem that there is not much difference as the Tan is always 7.70% and the Taeg is 7.97% or 7.98%, so the difference is negligible. But we must take into account the fact that interest rates are annual, so considering the entire duration of the loan a repayment loan in a larger number of installments will provide a significantly higher cost for the interest.

Thanks to the table you can have an immediate view of the characteristics of the Astrofinance personal loans for each of the available durations. The main factor determining most of all the choice of duration over another is obviously the amount foreseen for the monthly payment. Our advice is to identify at first all the installments that you think may be within your reach. Among these the best choice is certainly the one with minimum duration, although it may be useful to slightly increase the number of months in order to fix a lighter installment. Considering the estimates of the € 30,000 Astrofinance loans, a plausible option may be that which provides for a repayment in 78 months, given that each installment will be 490.10 euro and interest rates Tan 7.70% and Taeg 7.97%.

Orange loan € 30000: installment calculation with online simulator

Another credit institution that offers quite interesting solutions to all those looking for a € 30,000 loan is InDirect. The form of financing we are talking about is always that of the personal loan, which in this case is called the Orange Loan. As for the two previous companies that we have analyzed, also in this case on the bank’s website we are offered the possibility of carrying out a simulation of the loan with an immediate and completely free calculation of the installment. The duration that we can choose and that we can vary in the simulator to compare different solutions goes from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 84 months. After using the InDirect simulator for the 30,000 euro loans, we have shown in the table below the conditions of the loans that have been offered to us.

12 months € 2,574.97 5.49 5.74
18 months € 1,740.04 5.49 5.70
24 months 1,322.73 euros 5.49 5.89
30 months € 1,072.48 5.49 5.84
36 months 905.74 euros 5.49 5.81
42 months € 786.73 5.49 5.78
48 months € 697.56 5.49 5.76
54 months 628.27 euros 5.49 5.75
60 months € 572.90 5.49 5.74
66 months € 527.65 5.49 5.73
72 months € 490.00 5.49 5.72
78 months 458.18 euros 5.49 5.72
84 months 430.96 euros 5.49 5.71

As we have already seen for the other companies, since it is a 30,000 euro loan, it is difficult to fix a particularly low duration. Suffice it to say that up to 30 months the monthly repayment installment exceeds 1,000 euros and is therefore far from affordable for most Italians and others. One feature that stands out by comparing the table on the Orange Loan with those relating to Agos and Astrofinance is certainly the interest rate. The fixed Tan of 5.49% is in fact the lowest among those applied by the main banks. Even the Taeg is particularly low, considering that it ranges from a minimum of 5.70% and never exceeds 5.89%. So if you want to save on your 30,000 euro loan, the solution that is right for you is probably the one offered by InDirect.

The aspect that could push someone to look elsewhere could be the duration. If you are looking for a loan with repayment over 10 years, unfortunately in this case it is not possible. The maximum duration of 84 months is the lowest among the companies we have just compared. In any case, a duration of 7 years is not to be discarded regardless. The treatment offered in this case includes a repayment installment of € 430.96, Tan 5.49% and Taeg 5.71%. So in many cases this is the best financing of 30,000 euros in our opinion. However, as always, the assessments that must be made are of various kinds, as it is good to note yes the repayment rate and interest rates, but also the required requirements. It is also good to remember that the simulations carried out online are only estimates of what will presumably be the treatment that will be offered to you. Depending on the age of the applicant and the guarantees offered, the terms of the loan may vary slightly. For this reason, before proceeding with the request for funding it is always better to go to the branch to request a detailed quote tailored to you.

Loans from € 30,000 for Restructuring or Surrogate with repayment over 20 years

We have seen all the characteristics of personal loans of 30,000 euros. Among these there are undoubtedly very interesting solutions, however as you may have noticed the repayment duration never exceeds 10 years for this type of loan. As for the € 30,000 loans there is another form of financing that can be chosen especially if you prefer to defer the repayment of the sum you will receive on loan. We are obviously talking about the mortgage. This is offered for three main purposes: the purchase of the house, the restructuring and the subrogation. The latter solution is aimed at those who have previously received a mortgage for which they are paying repayment installments. In this case, thanks to the subrogation of the loan, it is possible to transfer the debt with the old bank to a new bank, to obtain better credit conditions and the possibility of receiving further liquidity. The great advantage of mortgages is to provide for repayment even with a duration of over 20 years.

If you are interested in applying for a mortgage, you must know that the guarantee required in this case is that of the mortgage of the property. therefore it will be necessary to own a house of property, on which eventually the bank can refer in case of missed payments of the repayment installments fixed. For this reason, mortgages can not be requested for small amounts, as with the partial mortgage of the property the company will have more difficulties and will have to wait more time to get the money we owe. For example, InDirect is among the leading companies for mortgages. By choosing this solution it will be possible to receive a loan equal to 80% of the value of the mortgaged property, with repayment that can be completed up to 30 years. Unfortunately, in this case the minimum amount we can receive is 50,000 euros. For figures lower than this the solution offered by InDirect is precisely that of personal loans that we have seen in the previous paragraphs.

A credit institution that offers its customers the opportunity to receive a 30,000 euro mortgage for a period of 20 years is Onecredit. It is in fact the sum of minimum money that can be requested for the purchase or renovation of the property or for the subrogation of another mortgage. Interest rates are particularly attractive and depend on the duration chosen for our financing. In fact, choosing a duration of up to 10 years the interest rate will be fixed at 1%, for loans lasting between 11 and 20 years the Tan will instead be 2.50%, while it rises to 2.80% if complete the reimbursement in a number of years between 21 and 30. If you want to know the conditions of your financing, what you need to do is use one of the different mortgage simulators available online. All you need to do is enter the amount you are interested in, which in this case will be 30,000 euros, the duration you prefer and the interest rate applied to know the repayment installment and the total cost of your loan. For example, for a request of € 30,000 with a 20-year Onecredit loan, our loan will provide a monthly repayment installment of € 159, therefore rather low, while the interest will amount to € 8,153.



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