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The move into the new apartment or the new house is nothing in the way. The move is planned and one looks forward to the new or own four walls. Furniture is taken over very often. But what about the kitchen? Is there a kitchen at the new location and you would like to take over this, or would you like to fulfill the dream of a new individual kitchen? Especially with a new kitchen you land quickly in a kitchen studio and start planning the new kitchen. Should it be a kitchenette or a kitchen? Can the kitchen modules in the room be accommodated in the way you had imagined, or do you have to compromise?

No matter which kitchen you choose, you should not compromise on financing and bet on the cheap Manucrediter loans. A kitchen can quickly cost a few thousand euros, depending on which kitchen brand you decide on and which kitchen appliances you plan. With a kitchen credit via Manucrediter you can easily get the desired financing of your new kitchen!

Manucrediter Tip:

Manucrediter Tip:

We do not recommend killing the kitchen directly after kitchen planning. Take your time and check available alternatives in our free loan calculator. Only after a thorough comparison, you can opt for the optimal kitchen financing. If you opt for a kitchen loan without a prior comparison of offers, you may pay unnecessarily too much for your new kitchen!

Why should one rely on an online kitchen loan?

Why should one rely on an online kitchen loan?

Suppose your kitchen should cost after planning 10000 euros. You are now sitting in the kitchen studio and find the planned kitchen very good. What you do not like is the high price. The consultant will quickly try to sell a cheap kitchen financing. Frequently, so-called 0% financing is offered. In doing so, you get the sum financed with an interest rate of 0.00% and pay the purchase price over the term.

At this point, one could easily assume that this is a cheap offer and why should not you strike there directly? We from Manucrediter believe that the offer is only good if you have also looked at the other loan offers before! If the kitchen loan is still good, there is nothing to prevent it from being used in the kitchen studio as well. But how can you even judge with a financing offer from the studio, if it is a good offer? This is where the Manucrediter credit comparison comes in handy and helps you save money.

Basically, there is no objection to 0% financing. They get the money virtually without interest and only have to repay the “net loan” without interest. But have you ever wondered if the 10000 euros are appropriate for the kitchen at all? As a rule, something can always be “turned” around the price. If you were to take kitchen finance directly in the kitchen studio right now, you do not really have a good negotiating position with the seller. But if you take the loan over us, you can act as a cash payer and adjust the price down to your liking (until the seller’s “pain threshold” has been reached). The cashier advantage is often known from a car purchase. If you have previously taken out a cheap car loan online, you can correct the purchase price significantly lower at the car dealer and then have to pay in total significantly less than you would do it with a zero-percent financing. In the following calculation example, you can see this fact very well:

Table 1: Comparison of online kitchen financing and dealer financing

  Online kitchen loan kitchen Studio
kitchen value 10000,00 € 10000,00 €
Discount 20% 5%
Required kitchen loan 8500,00 €% 9000,00 €
Effective interest rate 1.89% pa 0.00% pa
running time 48 months 48 months
Repayment rate (per month) 173.12 euros 197.92 euros
total cost 8309.76 euros 9500,00 Euro
saving 1190.24 €

Based on this example, you can save over 1000 euros with an online kitchen financing! Since you already have the entire amount in your account, you do not need to rely on dealer financing and can “push down” the price accordingly. If the new kitchen is to be financed through the studio, very few discounts are possible. It is then often advanced the argument: you get the 0% financing from us and do not have to pay interest. In the calculation example, however, you can see very well that a zero-percent funding is not necessarily the cheaper alternative for your new kitchen.

Finance your kitchen and save money – that’s how it works!

Finance your kitchen and save money - that

The dream of the new kitchen can also be realized favorably. Below we would like to give you some tips on how to finance your kitchen cheaper:

  • Free special repayment : If you use the Manucrediter loan calculator you will find numerous loans that offer a free special repayment. In addition to the regular installments, you can also repay the loan separately. This means for you that you can always increase the repayment and thus reduce the residual debt. As a result, you also reduce the interest costs directly, because these always depend on the residual debt.
  • Flexible terms : By special repayment, you can also shorten the duration directly. You can therefore pay off the loan much faster than you have set when borrowing. By comparison, loans are also made with a free total repayment. You can thus replace such kitchen loans at any time free of charge.
  • Cash Payer – Benefit : Since the money is already in your account, you can negotiate much higher discounts with the dealer and thereby correct the purchase amount down. Due to the lower sum, you also have to claim less kitchen financing.
  • Comparability of kitchens : With an online loan you can choose your dream kitchen in any kitchen studio or online shop. Since you do not need dealer financing, you can buy the kitchen where it is most convenient.