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The heat causes the skin becomes dull

Hot weather may be a blessing for some people because there are some jobs that use the sun’s heat. However, the hot weather also has side effects for humans. Heat is happening now is not only due to sunlight exposure to the earth, but the heat is already experiencing an increase caused by the greenhouse effect. Therefore sunlight directly affected by the skin, many have a negative impact, especially on the skin. Human facial skin is sensitive to solar radiation. With an unhealthy environment and road conditions are still a lot of pollution, would be very easy for someone exposed skin problems.

A common problem is a dull skin. The Dull skin on the face caused by dust and dirt entering the pores of the face. The face is exposed to the problem dull skin will look more dirty and sticky. This usually happens due to frequent outdoor activities. For career women who are often out of the room, try to use a cream anisa. If your skin the nutrients lacking and enlarged pores, cream Anisa can overcome it. Dull skin that occur on your face will be removed and make your face bright and refreshed.